Here to Help You Navigate Every Chapter

At Betwixt & Between Law PLLC, individuals and businesses in Florida find a reliable reference to assist them through each chapter of their story. Whether it’s building a business, ensuring your estate planning is foolproof, or fighting for your rights in post-conviction criminal appeals, Ms. White stands ready to help you.

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Jessica White

Jessica White

Attorney at Law

Attorney Jessica Rochell White embodies dedication, experience, and innovation in the legal field. As a proud woman-owned enterprise, Ms. White has carved a niche for herself and her law firm in Florida’s competitive legal market. Known as the Library Lady Lawyer, she brings a unique blend of keen intellect, vast knowledge, and assertive counsel to the table, making her an invaluable asset to her clients. She is her client's reference guide for every chapter of life.


Why Ms. White?

Open book

She Never Judges a Book by Its Cover

All clients of Betwixt & Between Law PLLC are met with empathy, respect, and a genuine eagerness to achieve the best outcome, irrespective of the complexities involved.

Magnify glass

She Knows How to Read Between the Lines

Ms. White's ability to discern the nuances and subtleties within legal documents, contracts, and courtroom arguments positions her as a formidable advocate for her clients.


She Will Advocate for the Resolution You Deserve

Whether it’s a business dispute, an estate planning need, or a challenging appeal, she advocates fiercely for her clients' rights and interests, fighting for the most favorable outcome possible.

Jessica White



Build a Brighter Tomorrow. Begin Today.

At Betwixt & Between Law PLLC, Ms. White understands that legal issues often come with uncertainty and stress. However, with Ms. White’s guidance, clients can look forward to a brighter tomorrow. From business formation and management, crafting ironclad contracts and agreements, to navigating business litigation, wills, and trusts, as well as handling sensitive family law matters, Ms. White is equipped to lead you through as a reference guide for every chapter of life. Her support also extends to post-conviction criminal appeals, including violation of probation & parole.

Ms. White is relentless in her pursuit of justice and favorable outcomes for her clients. Her assertive approach in and out of the courtroom assures clients they are represented by someone who will fight tirelessly for them.

Understanding that every client and situation presents a new story, Ms. White approaches each case with an open mind and a commitment to fairness. Her belief in giving everyone a fair chance to tell their story is what sets her apart. With Ms. White, you have a lawyer who not only understands the letter of the law but also the spirit behind it.

Serving the entirety of Florida with a focus on the Villages area, Betwixt & Between Law PLLC offers a free 15-minute phone consultation, providing a no-obligation opportunity for potential clients to understand how Ms. White can assist in altering their legal narrative for the better. Don’t wait to take control of your legal challenges—contact Betwixt & Between Law PLLC today and lay the foundation for a secure, prosperous future.